Livets ord universtity

The Mission of Livets Ord University
Livets Ord University was founded 1994 as a distinctively Christian University and was established for the purpose of providing a base for the training of workers in church, school and society.

Mission Statement
Foundational to the purpose of Livets Ord University is its commitment to the historic Christian faith, to assist students in their quest for knowledge about their relationship to God, man and the universe. The baccalaureate program of the School of Higher Biblical Studies and Missions seeks to equip students with knowledge of the Bible and the Christian heritage and to lead them to the realization that such knowledge, when properly assimilated and developed, permeates and directs all phases of life. The University offers several theological degree programs, including Bachelor of Arts New Testament Major and Master of Divinity.

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The Vision of the University
– To proclaim the Christian faith in the power of the Holy Spirit
– To defend the evangelical faith
– To pursue truth in a scholarly and scientific manner
– To counteract and expose distorted information about Israel
– To provide a shield against the onslaught of New Age
– To be a beacon for the truth